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Its Time!

Local elections are coming, Get ready!

As you may already know, this year will see Ireland having its say in local & European elections, Ireland first does not plan to run candidates in the Euros but will support the Irish freedom party’s three candidates in their bid, IF is however focused on local elections and will have several candidates running in various parts of the country.

We believe that while nationalists have not been able to have any major impact in elections to date, 2024 is our time to shine and we will be successful in getting multiple candidates a seat. What we ask from you is one or all of three things..

1.Register to vote: Register for the first time or check your registration, some people are reporting their registration has been cancelled so its very important to check in time for elections.

2.Donate: We at Ireland first put ourselves in the public sphere at great financial expense, which is why public donations are so important, We simply couldn’t do it without you, So please consider a small donation today to help towards the mounting costs associated with elections

3.Participate: Whether you choose to help us engage the public by volunteering to leaflet or canvass, or you choose to represent your community by standing for elections, boots on the ground participation is key to gaining the public support we need, so make your choice today and get in touch

Derek Blighe -President

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