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Welcome to the Our Party page of Ireland First, a political movement dedicated to placing Ireland and its people at the forefront of our nation’s priorities. We are committed to fostering a prosperous, independent, and united Ireland that upholds our values, preserves our cultural heritage, and ensures a brighter future for generations to come.

With Globalism being classed as Far Left and Nationalism being classed as Far right, we see ourselves as centre-right. We need to get to a place where we can be a conservative party. Unfortunately, what we have today is not something we want to conserve; we need to first reverse all anti-Ireland legislation, enshrine constructive pro-Ireland mandates, and get to a place where all government policy being implemented and written with an Ireland First mindset.

Party History

Irish Nationalists began to rally throughout the country in summer of 2020, against the lockdowns and the draconian restrictions on individual freedoms enforced by this government. Derek Blighe was, a full-time block-layer (still is) and in his spare time an activist, speaking out against these dangerous policies being unilaterally imposed by the sitting government, as well as irresponsible open borders and erosion of our neutrality.

Derek had thousands of followers on his Telegram, followers who consistently called out for Derek to run for a seat in the Dáil. Initially Derek considered possibly setting up a non-political movement; however, for real change, we needed a voice in the Dail, one that could not be ignored. One of his Telegram Chat admins and another activist follower reached out to Derek to put it to him and ask, propose him leading a political party. After research, and a lot of thought and long conversations, Derek agreed to take the lead and put himself in the line of fire as the leader of a new, grassroots political party … and so Ireland First was formed.

Since our formation, Ireland First has been at the forefront of advocating for the interests of the Irish people. We have a rich history of grassroots activism, driven by a passion to create real change in our society. From humble beginnings, we have grown into a powerful movement, shaping the political landscape, and influencing policy decisions for the betterment of our nation.

Ireland first was created with one main goal in mind, to put Ireland and its people first. It was born out of normal, everyday citizens looking for change, looking for a strong leader, willing to take the hits that inevitably come when challenging a corrupt government.

Party Leadership

Our party is led by visionary individuals who are dedicated to the principles and values that define Ireland First. Under the leadership of Derek Blighe, our party leader, and Margaret ‘Alacoque’ Maguire, our deputy leader, we have a strong team committed to advancing our cause. Their experience, determination, and unwavering commitment to Ireland’s future inspire us all.

Derek Blighe

Margaret Maguire
(Vice President)


Sarah Herraty
(Party Secretary)

Tommy Murphy

Declan O’Malley

Party Structure

Ireland First operates as a democratic and inclusive party, with a structure that encourages member engagement and participation. We have local branches and committees across the country, allowing members to actively contribute to policy discussions, community initiatives, and the overall direction of the party. Our decision-making processes prioritise transparency, accountability, and the voices of our dedicated members.

Party Platform

Our party’s platform is built upon the core principles that guide our vision for Ireland’s future. We address critical issues such as immigration, housing, healthcare, education, and economic independence. We advocate for strong borders, responsible immigration policies, accessible housing, quality healthcare, a robust education system, and sustainable economic development. Our comprehensive policy positions and solutions are designed to create a more prosperous and fair society for every Irish citizen. We fight for the rights of our citizens, hold our government accountable, and make substantial contributions to the betterment of our society. Together, we make a difference.

To date Ireland First members have through their activism, shown thousands of Irish people the truth about the corruption in our nation, and that there are brave people willing to stand up for their future. What sets us apart from most, is that politics is something we are getting in to, not because we want a career in politics, but because we have no other option, our nation is all we have. We do not have another homeland.
We encourage nationalist, conservative minded individuals to get involved, in any way they can.
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