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Our Principles

At Ireland First, we are driven by a set of principles that guide our every step towards a brighter future for Ireland. These principles form the foundation of our movement, shaping our policies and actions as we strive to put Ireland and its people first.


The core objectives of our party revolve around promoting our six fundamental principles through active participation in the political process and engaging the public through direct democracy.

At Ireland First, we firmly believe that direct democracy is the cornerstone of our movement. Recognising the diverse needs and perspectives of different regions, we understand that policies designed for urban areas may not be suitable or practical for rural communities. To bridge this gap, we prioritise local-level engagement by hosting regular town hall meetings, allowing constituents to voice their concerns and put questions directly to their elected representatives.

These valuable discussions serve as a platform for citizens to actively participate in shaping the decisions that affect their lives. The insights and feedback gathered from these meetings are then conveyed to the Dáil, ensuring that the voices and aspirations of local communities are well-represented in the legislative process.

At Ireland First, we embrace the understanding that one size does not fit all. By fostering direct democracy and promoting active engagement, we strive to create a political system that listens, responds, and truly serves the needs of our communities.

Join us in our commitment to empowering the people and promoting direct democracy. Together, we can build a political landscape that values local voices, fosters active public participation, and creates policies that genuinely reflect the needs of all Irish citizens.

The Six Core Principles

The Nation Of Ireland Belongs To The Irish People

Padraig Pearse once proclaimed, “Nothing that has happened or can ever happen can alter the truth of it, Ireland belongs to the Irish.” This sentiment resonates deeply within Ireland First, as we firmly believe that the island of Ireland, its seas, skies, and natural resources belong solely to the Irish
people. Our mission is to advocate for increased use of the Irish language, promote Irish culture, music, and a strong sense of Irish identity through various channels, including the education system, mainstream and social media. We also advocate for legislation that requires immigrants to respect our customs and laws.

In our pursuit of a unified Ireland encompassing all 32 counties, we approach this goal with respect and encourage a referendum that reflects the will of the people living both north and south of the border. We would engage in meaningful political dialogue with the government of Northern Ireland, aiming to foster understanding and unity. This is a long-term goal, appreciating that communities in Northern Ireland have deep roots and connections to a foreign Nation. No-one can be left out and all must be respected.

When it comes to immigration, we firmly believe in the necessity of borders to safeguard the security and integrity of our nation. We support immigration policies that benefit our country rather than burden our welfare system, ensuring that the non-Irish population does not exceed 10%. Unfortunately, government corruption has allowed this threshold to be surpassed, and we seek to address this issue.

At Ireland First, we are committed to tackling homelessness. It is our belief that no Irish citizen should be without a home. Recognising the challenges some homeless individuals face, such as substance abuse or mental health issues, we advocate for the provision of safe accommodation by
the state, coupled with the necessary assistance to help them rebuild their lives.

The housing crisis plaguing our nation can be attributed to irresponsible immigration policies implemented by successive governments. To address this crisis, we propose strict immigration controls, deportation of illegal migrants, and the construction of modular homes specifically designed to help our own people, the younger generation, first time buyers and those on a minimum wage get onto the property ladder.

Regarding citizenship, we view it as a privilege rather than an entitlement. We firmly believe that exceptional individuals who have genuinely contributed to our country and have not engaged in fraudulent applications should be granted citizenship. However, in cases of fraud or misconduct, citizenship should be refused or revoked, based on individual circumstances.

At Ireland First, we stand unwavering in our commitment to preserving Irish identity, protecting national interests, and addressing critical issues facing our nation.

Ireland Independance

At Ireland First, our primary objective is to ensure that Ireland operates as a sovereign and self-sustaining nation, free from the influence of unelected bureaucrats and external organisations. While we believe that Ireland should leave the EU, also a long-term goal, this decision will not be
made in isolation. We are committed to putting it to a referendum, to guide our path forward.

The decision to leave the EU will ultimately be determined through a future referendum. It is essential to note that Ireland’s stance on neutrality ensures that we remain net neutral, unlike the costly “divorce” experienced by the UK due to their lack of net neutrality.

To achieve this vision, we have developed a detailed and comprehensive set of policies. These policies address crucial areas that impact our nation’s independence and well-being.

Addressing the energy crisis is of paramount importance to us. We advocate for the revival of power stations and the utilisation of turf as a valuable energy source. We are open to exploring the feasibility of nuclear power, recognising its potential to fuel Ireland’s energy needs. Additionally, we assert the need for energy independence, ensuring that decisions about our energy future are made in the best interest of the Irish people.

In the face of the ‘climate change’ narrative, we are dedicated to combating destructive climate change policies. We firmly believe in supporting our farmers, acknowledging their vital role in food production and environmental stewardship. As EU laws loom ahead, we will ensure that the interests of our farmers and their livelihoods are protected.

Food security is a pressing concern, and we are resolute in placing our farmers back at the heart of our food supply. By supporting local agriculture, we can promote self-sufficiency and safeguard our nation’s food sovereignty.

Neutrality is a core principle we advocate for. Going forward, Ireland First aims to resume our position within the EU as a trading bloc rather than being subjected to laws that compromise our economic and cultural interests. We seek to protect our national autonomy while actively engaging in beneficial trade relationships.

We Are Pro-Life

At Ireland First, we hold a pro-life stance on a sensitive issue that demands careful consideration. We recognise that previous referendums did not provide a comprehensive resolution on this matter. Therefore, we firmly believe that it is crucial to allow the people’s voice to be heard through a future referendum.

Our commitment to the pro-life cause is reinforced by a set of policies that will be extensively developed and detailed in the coming months. Central to these policies is the provision of unbiased information representing both sides of the abortion debate. We believe that the people should have access to objective and balanced resources to make informed decisions about this critical issue.

We firmly advocate for a referendum that allows for a thorough examination of the subject, including the exploration of potential strict restrictions. While we do not support abortion, we acknowledge the importance of putting this matter to a referendum at an appropriate time in the future. It is through this democratic process that the people can express their views and contribute to shaping the direction of our nations policies.

Protection Of The Family Unit

At Ireland First, we firmly believe in upholding the fundamental principle that parents are the primary educators of their children, as outlined in Bunreacht Na hÉireann. We are dedicated to safeguarding the innocence of children and ensuring that parents rights in shaping their children’s education are respected and protected.

To achieve this, we will introduce policies aimed at promoting and financially supporting the growth of the Irish family unit.

One area of focus is recognising parents as the sole educators of their children. We advocate for preserving the parent’s pivotal role in imparting knowledge, values, and beliefs to their children. This does not imply an anti-trans (TQ+) stance. Rather, it emphasises the importance of respecting parents’ rights to educate their children on sensitive topics, such as sex education, according to their own values and beliefs. Furthermore, we believe that discussions on gender identity or TQ+ topics should not be pushed onto children in schools.

Constitutional Republic

At Ireland First, our core mission is to promote and protect the invaluable principles of freedom of expression and civil liberties. We firmly believe in the right of every individual to freely express their thoughts and opinions without fear of censorship or persecution.

To uphold these fundamental values, we are committed to strengthening the constitutional rights of freedom of expression, movement, and association.

Furthermore, we champion the freedom of individuals, emphasising the importance of personal liberties in our society. We stand against unnecessary lockdowns that restrict the basic rights and freedoms of our citizens. While we recognise the need to prioritise public health and safety, we believe that measures should be proportionate, transparent, and respectful of individual freedoms.

Law Reform

At Ireland First, we are dedicated to addressing the imbalances within our legal system to ensure fairness and equality for all. We recognise the need to rectify contradictory laws that often impose disproportionate penalties for minor offences compared to more serious crimes. Our goal is to rebalance these discrepancies and promote a just and proportionate approach to law enforcement.

In cases where crimes are committed by foreign-born nationals, we firmly believe in taking decisive action to protect the well-being and safety of our society. As part of our policies, we advocate for immediate revocation of citizenship and mandatory deportation once the sentence has been served.

This ensures that those who violate our laws and compromise the security of our nation are held accountable for their actions.

Central to our principles is the concept of equality before the law. We firmly believe that every individual should be treated fairly and impartially, regardless of their gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, race, or membership of the Traveller community.
Our commitment to equality drives us to advocate for policies that eliminate discrimination and ensure that justice is served without prejudice. Our policies will serve as a framework to create a fair and just legal system that reflects the values and aspirations of the Irish people.