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Our Policies

At Ireland First, we are driven by a comprehensive and forward-thinking policy agenda aimed at bringing about positive change in our nation. Our policies encompass a wide range of critical issues, all focused on building a stronger, more prosperous Ireland for our people.


We will protect our borders: borders are necessary for the security and integrity of our nation. We believe in immigration that benefits the country and not funding a welfare system for the rest of the planet.
We believe that the non-Irish population should never have exceeded 10%, but due to government corruption, has been allowed to. We will deport all those who have entered the state illegally. The law must be respected. We will reform the Asylum System to ensure expedition of applications, to assure all cases are heard within 90 days, limited to one appeal to be heard within 30 days.

Housing Crisis

This crisis is a result of reckless, naïve and self-serving policies by short-sighted successive governments. The combination of mass immigration, underinvestment and punitive taxation on investors and builders have created a perfect storm that we see today across the country. We will create short, medium and long-term corrective actions to resolve. This will include but not be limited to immigration controls, deportations of those who entered the state unlawfully, expansion of direct provision to accommodate Irish citizens (in the short term) and a policy of building modular homes for our own people to get them on the property ladder to accommodate in the medium term and ‘rent to buy’ schemes in the long term.


We believe that no Irish citizen should be homeless in Ireland, factoring in that some homeless may have substance abuse or mental health issues. We believe that safe accommodation should be available to every Irish citizen. Homelessness can take many forms and includes, but is not limited to, those on the streets not ‘classed’ as homeless officially, those ‘couch-surfing’ and those in temporary accommodation.


Citizenship is a privilege and not an entitlement, therefore, citizenship should only be given to exceptional people who have benefited this country and who have not been fraudulent in their applications to enter the State.
We will make the route to citizenship available to those that have lived, worked in and contributed to our country for a period of not less than 10 years. Serious criminal convictions will negate any application for citizenship and possibly result in a revocation of citizenship.


In so far as we can, we aim to be self-sustainable by utilising our natural resources such as oil, gas, turf, wood etc. We should have a national discussion on the viability of nuclear energy and/or wave energy. We will ban further development of Data Centres.

The Green Agenda

Climate disasters predicted over the last 50 years have never happened and therefore the harsh climate laws enforced on us by our Government are completely unnecessary. We need to roll back on the destructive climate policies and abolish carbon tax. We will put a stop on any further data centres which use 30% of national energy. We also vehemently oppose the idea of “15-minute cities”.

Food Security

We will put farmers and fishermen back at the heart of our food supply and let them continue to do what they’ve been doing for thousands of years i.e. ensuring self-sufficiency when it comes to food. We will, through funding incentives, reinstate our fishing fleet and our herd numbers. We will reclaim our waters and support the fishing industry allowing them to get back out and fish our own waters, unhindered by EU quotas.


Ireland must remain neutral, in all senses of the word: Our ports will not be used to refuel war ships. We should have no part in enabling any foreign force to engage in war.
Ireland should absolutely not use taxpayer funds to support any war, such as the situation in Ukraine. The estimated total value of bilateral assistance (separate to EU contributions) for Ukraine committed by Ireland to date is €174.5 million in aid (this would build over 1000 modular homes). As of September 2022, Ireland has also contributed €55 million worth of military aid to Ukraine.

Leave the EU

Ireland needs to reform the relationship with the EU and regain our national and fiscal sovereignty in order to be truly independent. No longer should we be subject to EU rules and regulations by unelected bureaucrats whose trajectory shows Ireland moving towards just becoming a province of Europe as opposed to the self-regulating, independent nation of Ireland.

We Are Pro-Life

At Ireland First, we hold a pro-life stance on a sensitive issue that demands careful consideration. We recognise that previous referendums did not provide a comprehensive resolution on this matter. Therefore, we firmly believe that it is crucial to allow the people’s voice to be heard through a future referendum, represented by informative, extensive debate.

Protection of the Family Unit

At Ireland First, we firmly believe in upholding the fundamental principle that parents are the primary educators of their children, as outlined in Bunreacht Na hÉireann. We are dedicated to safeguarding the innocence of children and ensuring that parents’ rights in shaping their children’s education are respected and protected.
To achieve this, we will introduce policies aimed at promoting and financially supporting the growth of the Irish family unit.

Constitutional Republic

At Ireland First, our core mission is to promote and protect the invaluable principles of freedom of expression and civil liberties. We firmly believe in the right of every individual to freely express their thoughts and opinions without fear of censorship or persecution.
To uphold these fundamental values, we are committed to strengthening the constitutional rights of freedom of expression and association.
Furthermore, we champion the freedom of individuals, emphasising the importance of personal liberties in our society. We stand against unnecessary lockdowns that restrict the basic rights and freedoms of our citizens. While we recognise the need to prioritise public health and safety, we believe that measures should be proportionate, transparent, and respectful of individual freedoms.

Law Reform

At Ireland First, we are dedicated to addressing the imbalances within our legal system to ensure fairness and equality for all. We recognise the need to rectify contradictory laws that often impose disproportionate penalties for minor offenses compared to more serious crimes. Our goal is to rebalance these discrepancies and promote a just and proportionate approach to law enforcement.
In cases where crimes are committed by foreign-born nationals, we firmly believe in taking decisive action to protect the well-being and safety of our society. As part of our policies, we advocate for immediate revocation of citizenship and mandatory deportation once the sentence has been served. This ensures that those who violate our laws and compromise the security of our nation are held accountable for their actions.
Central to our principles is the concept of equality before the law. We firmly believe that every individual should be treated fairly and impartially, regardless of their gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, race, or membership in the Traveller community. Our commitment to equality drives us to advocate for policies that eliminate discrimination and ensure that justice is served without prejudice. Our policies will serve as a framework to create a fair and just legal system that reflects the values and aspirations of the Irish people.